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Newcastle Bricks Blocks And Pavers

Newcastle Brics Blocks And Pavers is independently owned and has been operating in the building supply industry since 1870, primarily servicing the Hunter Region.

Australia's premier supplier of clay and special shape bricks, masonry blocks, pavers and terracotta products to the building industry and general public with the widest range and quickest delivery service in the country.

Our brick matching and specialty brick service is second to none. Call today on 02 49623288 and talk to James about your bricks, blocks and pavers


Contact US today on 02 49623288 to find your brick, block and paver solutions or email                                                  sales_nbbp@dodo.com.au

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    re•frac•to•ry 1. Hard or impossible to manage; stubbornly disobedient: a refractory child. 2. Resisting ordinary methods of treatment. 3. Difficult to fuse, reduce, or work, as an ore or metal. Noun, plural re•frac•to•ries. 4. A material having the ability to retain its physical shape and chemical identity when subjected to high temperatures. 5. Refractories, bricks of various shapes used in lining furnaces.

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